Trailer: Documentary RONDO AND BOB Explores Films & Lives of Robert Burns and Rondo Hatton

By Josh Millican

The documentary Rondo and Bob weaves together the stories of Robert Burns and Rondo Hatton, delving into their horror filmographies and personal life stories. “The Creeper” becomes a metaphor for Burns’ lifelong belief in his inner ugliness, a lack that left him unable to feel true love. Give the trailer a spin embedded at the top of the article!

Robert A. “Bob” Burns is a significant name in horror film art direction for his work in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, Re-Animator, and The Howling. His props also appear in Poltergeist. From a young age, he showed signs of being a genius and could create complex designs all in his head, draw detailed cartoons, and create outrageous puns. In high school and college, he studied drama, which he later utilized in films including Confessions of a Serial Killer.

While attending the University of Texas he edited the Texas Ranger humor magazine and discovered Rondo Hatton, a former Tampa, Florida, sports reporter, who contracted acromegaly, a condition that caused his face, hands, and feet to grow out of proportion to the rest of his body. It caused the former athlete and All-American kid to close himself off from the outside world until he met his second wife Mae. Together they went to Hollywood where Hatton became “The Creeper” in a series of films starting with the Sherlock Holmes story The Pearl of Death. He died of a heart attack brought on by his medical condition. 

Look for Rondo and Bob to premiere in 2020; it will be screening at MegaCon in Orlando on April 17th.

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