Final Issue Of ARCHIE VS PREDATOR II Now On Sale

The final issue of the Archie vs Predator II miniseries is now on sale, so if you’re a fan of either franchise, you can head over to your local comic book store to buy a copy. Or if you’re too lazy to go out, you could purchase a digital copy on ComiXology.

The first Archie vs Predator miniseries was released to positive reviews in 2015, with praise being directed at how it successfully blended the sci-fi horror elements of the Predator franchise with the humour fans have come to expect from Archie publications. So, it was probably only a matter of time before the Predators returned to Riverdale, and this time, they were prepared for Archie and his friends. Because in the first issue, the aliens wiped out most of the population of the town, so Archie and the gang will naturally be hungry for some payback. It should also be noted Archie vs Predator II has a noticeably darker and more sombre tone than its predecessor, which is clearly reflected in the more realistic artwork. While there’s still some humour, this is very much a horror comic.

A collaboration between 20th Century Fox, Dark Horse, and Archie Comics, Archie vs Predator II was once again written by Alex de Campi, with Robert Hack providing the interior artwork. Hack also created the covers alongside colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick, and you can view them all in the gallery below. And if you’re not keen on buying individual issues, keep in mind that a trade paperback collecting all five issues will be released on May 5.



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