Joe Hill Takes A PLUNGE With His Latest Hill House Comic

The latest horror miniseries from DC’s Hill House line will be called Plunge, and the first issue will be going on sale this month. Once again written by Joe Hill, it sounds like this could be Hill House’s most terrifying comic to date.

The premise of Plunge is just as creepy as you would expect. After vanishing for several decades, the ship known as the Derleth mysteriously reappears, although its crew, who seemingly have not aged in all that time, may no longer be entirely human. They’ve all been blinded, and they seem to know things they shouldn’t be able to know, so something is clearly not right. But you’ll just have to read the series to find out just what exactly is wrong with the crew of the Derleth.

An extensive interview with Hill was published on DC’s official website, where he discussed everything from working with artist Stuart Immonen to describing the horror of the series, which he likens to classic 1980s films such as Aliens and The Thing, even though the story takes place in modern-day. He also discusses how Plunge will draw upon our fear of the unknown, with the depths of the arctic, where the story partially takes place, being one of the least explored regions on the planet. Similarly, the fear of infection, which is particularly relevant in today’s society, will also play a role.

If you’re getting Lovecraftian vibes from what you’ve read so far, it’s because Hill stated that he came up with the idea for Plunge while thinking about the sunken island of R’lyeh, which was described in The Call of Cthulhu. Needless to say, we can expect this to be a brilliantly creepy Lovecraft-inspired tale from the mind of Joe Hill, one of the most talented horror writers in the industry.

The first issue of Plunge will be published by DC Black Label on February 19.



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