CHRONIC HORROR Guest Hairy Soul Man is So Sexy It’s Scary

A fresh batch of Chronic Horror episodes are launching this Monday, and fans of horror fandom and cannabis culture will be meeting the incomparable Hairy Soul Man, a musician with immense wit who isn’t afraid to explore dark arenas of the human psyche. In fact, you might say Hairy Soul Man is so sexy, it’s scary! For a brilliant introduction to the man, the myth, give the video for “How Deep Can I Go” a spin embedded at the top of the article.

Last October, Dread Central launched Chronic Horror, a web series talk show where guests are imbibed before being treated to gourmet, horror-themed munchies and a terrifying flick. Hilarity often ensues. Give the trailer for the next batch of episodes a spin below.


Hairy Soul Man’s episode of Chronic Horror hits the internet on Monday, February 10th. If you find yourself as enamored with him as we all are and you live in the Los Angeles area, you can meet him in person on February 11th at El Cid in Silverlake. It’s a lunch party for his debut album! You can gear up for that event by familiarizing yourself with more of Hairy Soul Man’s catalog on YouTube, HERE.

Hairy Soul Man Debut Album Launch Extravaganza!
Time: 7:00pm
Price: $10 online/$15 at the door

“Josh was a gracious and sensual host,” Hairy Soul Man says of his experience on Chronic Horror. “I very much enjoyed traveling back in time with him in such a creative and organic fashion. Any day I feast my eyes on Jeff Goldblum is a good day, even if he is a horrible monster. but deep down inside, aren’t we all?”

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