BAIT Director Mark Jenkin Shooting New Horror Film ENYS MEN In Cornwall This Way

After the success of last year’s Bait, director Mark Jenkin is back with a new horror film called Enys Men, which will begin shooting in May.

Deadline is reporting that Film4 have come onboard as a co-financer, with Jenkin also providing the script in addition to directing. The film will take place on an island where time moves differently, with a woman being haunted by glimpses of events which have already transpired and events which have yet to occur. The plot will also involve an ancient standing stone in some capacity, but details are vague at the moment.

Enys Men will be filmed in Cornwall, and we can expect to start hearing casting announcements soon. Lauren Dark will produce on behalf of Film4, and other producers attached to the project include Linn Waite, Kate Byers, and Denzil Monk of Bosena. Sound Image Cinema Lab, which is based at Falmouth University, will also assist with the production.

Although it does not yet have a release date, the fact that it starts filming in May means we can probably expect to see Enys Men within the next year or so. Bait received two BAFTA nominations, so Jenkin is clearly a talented filmmaker with a strong career ahead of him, which is why we’re confident that Enys Men will also prove to be something special.

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Written by David Gelmini


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