Making a Vampire: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Look at BLOOD VESSEL

Australian fang-flick Blood Vessel makes its Big Apple premiere at the New York City Horror Film Festival tonight (see lineup HERE), and if you had any doubt about attending, the following footage should sway you! Dread Central just secured this exclusive behind-the-scenes feature from Blood Vessel, directed and co-written by veteran makeup and FX supervisor Justin Dix (The Babadook, The Loved Ones, Storm Warning). Get a load of those fabulous old-school prosthetic FX!

BV studio Pic 1024x1365 - Making a Vampire: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Look at BLOOD VESSEL
Right to Left: Christopher Kirby, John Lloyd Fillingham, Justin Dix (Director) Alex Cooke, Mark Diaco

“Vampires have been an eternal force in Hollywood horror since silent-movie days—in fact, the vampire subgenre is one of the longest standing in film,” Dix tells Dread Central. “Audiences’ thirst for them has not waned over time—and nor has mine. Making a vampire film has always been a dream of mine but, being born in Australia (about as far from Hollywood as you can get), it has often seemed a distant fantasy. But now, with my many years’ experience in special effects behind me, you could say I have been working up to this point. It’s in my blood.”

The World War II horror yarn stars Robert Taylor (Rogue, The Meg), Alyssa Sutherland (The Mist), Christopher Kirby (Daybreakers) and Nathan Phillips (Wolf Creek).

Somewhere in the North Atlantic, late 1945. A lift raft adrift at sea, and in it, the survivors of a torpedoed hospital ship: With no food, water, or shelter, all seems lost—until an abandoned German minesweeper drifts ominously towards them, giving them one last chance at survival.

For more details on the NYC Horror Film Festival, go HERE. Fest runs December 5-8 at Chelsea’s Cinepolis Cinemas (23rd Street and Eighth Avenue). Plus, check out Blood Vessel’s Facebook page HERE and Twitter HERE.

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