TRICK ‘R TREAT’s Sam Has a Busy Night!

NECA Toys are known for their excellent and expansive array of collectibles and action figures, and most notably, are one of very few companies tackling your favorite horror fiends. Some misguided fans might mistake NECA’s clothed action figure releases as something more for those who want to deep dive into the nostalgia¬†of MEGO toys, or even doll collectors, but the die-hard fans know that THIS IS WHERE THE ACTION IS!!!

Cult classics and woefully under-served, but films like The Fog and Re-Animator have gotten clothed action figures alongside key appearances from iconic baddies like Super Freddy and Jason Voorhees as a little boy, packed with homicidal his momma. We’ve just had a release of the slashing doctor Decker from Nightbreed (which we’ll show off very soon!) and painfully count the days until we get the alien couple from They Live and the three children sporting face-melting masks from Halloween 3…but UNTIL THAT DAY COMES, we’ve got a visit from Sam!

Trick ‘R Treat has become a holiday staple, if not a year-round choice for horror fans looking for an excellent anthology film with a most memorable wrap-around story and an adorable, pumpkin-headed star. This is not new ground for NECA Toys, but it’s the first time they’ve given Sam the clothed action figure treatment, and I challenge you not to fall in love.

While the fully plastic Ultimate Sam action figure is a work of art on anyone’s shelf, the clothed figure mixes textures to create a feel so realistic, it’s like having a stop motion model. Patches pop with visible stitching and a dusting of dirt suggests Sam likes to play…and play rough. You’ll even find a little butt flap at the back of Sam’s onesie. Sam’s hood is kept the perfect shape with a foam padding inside and little buttons are sewn in for eyes. No lazy steps here! Under that hood is a monstrous sculpt that is both adorable and otherworldly. No details are left behind. You’ll also be very happy to find that the delicate nature of Sam’s outfit allows for maximum posability and hours of fun.

NECA’s Trick ‘R Treat Sam clothed action figure is available at your favorite toy sellers NOW, but don’t sleep on this one! Unlike the fully plastic action figures that sometimes get re-released, the clothed lines tends to be one and done.¬†



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