Eibon Press Releasing WASTELAND 1989, The 1st Book & Record Set for the New Millenium

The new comic series from Eibon Press is a badass riff on the post-nuke wasteland movies of the 1980s, starring Janet of the Apocalypse, a muscle car driving, six gun-slinging superheroine you gotta see in action to believe.

But the big news is that it’s not just a comic book. It’s a total experience.  Based on the Power Records series of the 1970s and 1980s, Janet’s first big adventure is a 60-page double issue book and record set containing a compact disc with the entire story dramatized with a full cast, in super cinematic style!  Series creator Stephen Romano explains:

“We’re older than dirt here at Eibon so we remember the days of book and record sets. That was before video, when you had to buy one of these little comics with a 45 vinyl single in a special pocket that you put on your record player so the action would ‘come alive as you read!’ We loved those things! It was almost the only way you could get a superhero fix back then before Marvel movies ruled the world. Now those book and record sets go for like a hundred bucks each on Ebay [Laughs]. So about twenty years ago, I actually produced a couple of post-modern read along soundtrack things for Image Comics, and we updated it with all sorts of modern bells and whistles. But that wasn’t even a patch on what we’ve achieved with the audio on this baby. 

“The first issue of Wasteland 1989 has all the blood and thunder you expect from Eibon . . . and this time you’ll hear the thunder in a big way! It’s a fully immersive cinematic soundscape with motion picture quality sound design right out of something like Mad Max: Fury Road.  And I’ve composed and mostly performed a full score for the thing myself, in line with stuff from the 80s like John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream.  We’ve had soundtracks for our comics before, but they were always done by other guys, and it was always just music. What we’re doing here is the total experience. I’m actually a retired musician and I came out of retirement to do this project personally. I created the comic book itself with the music and audio score in mind. While I was writing it I wrote the music. And as we completed the comic, the audio we created influenced the final touches on the art and stuff. I assembled a full cast of really talented voice actors to play all the characters and we worked with the dialogue and refined stuff and added things, which we put in the book. It was really organic evolution and we did this insane sound mix you won’t believe. It’s bigger than hell. We’ve been busting our ass to make this super amazing.  It’s a real next-level move for us at Eibon. 

Wasteland 1989 is, on the whole, a lot more fun than some of our other releases. You know, we’re really known on the street for being these super bad boys who do all the gore and the politically-incorrect stuff. That’s all good, of course, but this is a thing that most everyone can get behind. Our book and record set is just like watching the coolest, fastest, weirdest Road Warrior type movie never made, with all sorts of action and a slightly lighter tone that evokes a feeling of campy fun and nonstop action. But of course, it’s also a cool story too.  It’s got a twist on the gene that’s really unique.”

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