Image Gallery: James Groman’s Joker from DC Artists Alley

Time for some more monster madness with DC Comics Artists Alley vinyl figure collection! 

“DC Artists Alley is a stylized collection based on designs from some of today’s cutting-edge artists. The latest artist to join the collection is the monster-obsessed, multi-medium former Madballs creator James Groman. His style is highlighted with delightfully exaggerated and gory details—exposed muscle fibers, superfluous layers of teeth and rippling and calloused skin. Growing up, he was more into movie monsters than superheroes, but always held a special fondness for Batman and his unparalleled rogues gallery. His reimaginings of these beloved characters will evoke both wonder and terror from fans around the globe.”

DC was gracious enough to let us in on their monster fun and sent over all four of their new Groman creatures so we could get a closer look. Whether he’s infecting the good citizens of Gotham City with a laughing virus, dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight, sowing the seeds of anarchy among an already unhinged criminal element or gyrating his way down a seemingly infinite amount of steps somewhere in the Bronx, The Joker is instantly recognizable the world over. Once you’ve locked in that twisted, all-too-large, blood-red smile, maniacal eyes and pale complexion, you can really do anything you like with the rest of The Joker’s design and people will know it’s him…and so, it seems James Groman said F@*K IT and just…went for it.

Roller skates, two arms on one side with a (dead) Robin puppet sewn to one hand, and an elongated neck and arms assure the viewer this creature is truly a psychotic nightmare. As for fashion, Joker sports He-Man-esque bracelets, torn prison shorts, a flowered Hawaiian shirt annnnnd…a jack-in-the-box…because why not? This design could not be any more mental, so it’s totally fitting for the clown prince of crime, now turned up and coming Rat Fink racer. Amazing work!

The DC Collectibles Artists Alley James Groman Bat-Monsters Collection is due out next week, so let your favorite comic shop know you have a mighty need!



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