Bagans Banner - Zak Bagans Wants to Buy an Infamous Serial Killer's Brain

Zak Bagans Wants to Buy an Infamous Serial Killer’s Brain

OG Ghost Adventurer Zak Bagans has acquired so many cursed, haunted, and creepy objects, he needs a museum in Las Vegas to house them all. If he has his way, however, his next purchase will be exceptionally gruesome. The paranormal investigator wants serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s brain. You read that correctly: Brain.

TMZ got the exclusive:

The Ghost Adventures star tells TMZ … he held Gacy’s brain in his hands during a recent trip to the Chicago home where the late serial killer’s forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Helen Morrison, keeps the organ … which is preserved in a container in her basement.

Dr. Morrison has owned the brain ever since it was sliced up during Gacy’s autopsy and claims she feels his spirit following her … and that’s exactly why Zak wants to buy it and do further research at his haunted museum.

The article also states that when Bagans held Gacy’s brain he could sense pure evil within it. He was shaken. Whether or not Dr. Morrison is willing to part with her macabre piece of history remains to be seen.

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