Play Tristan Risk’s PARLOUR TRICKS on YouTube Now!

parlour tricks banner 750x422 - Play Tristan Risk's PARLOUR TRICKS on YouTube Now!

Tristan Risk is more than just a talented actress, model, and burlesque dancer. She’s a writer and director as well, and her latest short film, Parlour Tricks is available to watch on YouTube now! (It’s also embedded at the top of the article, by the way). Take a trip back to the 19th Century and sit in on a seance run amuck!

When a group of squabbling relatives need another option to resolve a dispute over a late relation’s will, they bring an expert, Aleister Crane.

Parlour Tricks stars Shawn Covernton, Shawna Mauchline, Mandy Mauchline, and Tyler James Nicol.

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We’re looking forward to seeing Tristan Risk (Times 3!) when Rabid (Directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska) plays as part of ScreamFest in Los Angeles later this month.

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