phobos film image 1 - Exclusive: THE CROW Director Alex Proyas' Statement On His New Short Film PHOBOS

Exclusive: THE CROW Director Alex Proyas’ Statement On His New Short Film PHOBOS

You may know him as the director of huge Hollywood blockbusters such as The Crow, Dark City, I, Robot, Knowing, and Gods of Egypt, but Alex Proyas has taken a decidedly low key approach for his latest project, a short film called Phobos which you can watch in the player above.

Made with a crew of just three people, the micro-budget short was filmed in Sydney across a period of around five hours, making it the ultimate guerrilla filmmaking experience. It stars actress Bonnie Ferguson as a young woman who is stalked by a malevolent entity after she loses her car.

Proyas was also kind enough to provide us with the following exclusive statement about Phobos:

“Phobos” is the first of what I hope will be a series of short films I plan to make exclusively for Youtube & Vimeo release. With the new tech making production simpler and more affordable I plan to keep pushing the boundaries of independent filmmaking.”

If you’d like to learn more, you can also check out this behind the scenes video, in which Proyas discusses the process of making the film. He ends by encouraging more micro-budget filmmaking, so let’s hope Phobos inspires talented but underfunded directors to pick up a camera and create art.

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