Fantastic Fest 2019 Exclusive: Character Posters For Shorts Anthology BLEED

bleedbanner 750x422 - Fantastic Fest 2019 Exclusive: Character Posters For Shorts Anthology BLEED

Premiering this weekend at FilmQuest and then heading to Fantastic Fest before making a leap to Brooklyn Horror is Fatale Collective’s Bleed, an anthology made up of short horror films that is itself ultimately a short film. Just under 14 minutes long, Bleed offers six unique tales from six filmmakers, each of whom tackles a different subject that is all too relevant in todays day and age.

In this brisk six-shooter anthology, an ensemble of women share entertainingly twisted tales that span disturbing subjects and sick styles through decidedly feminist lenses.

Here are the individual loglines of the six films:

  • The Safe Space – Directed by Lola Blanc: A “safe space” for women turns out to be not so safe.
  • Buffalo Bill – Directed by Francesca Maldonado: Mina is tired of that creepy girl copying her style – and suddenly that creepy girl is outside her apartment.
  • Subscribe! – Directed by Danin Jacquay: A beauty-obsessed young woman takes a YouTube tutorial to the gory extreme.
  • Panoptia – Directed by Linda Chen: An eyeball woman tries to escape her untimely fate.
  • Boxed – Directed by Natasha Halevi: When Jane moves into her new apartment, a mysterious box brings unexpected guests.
  • ASMR – Directed by Megan Rosati: A young women panics when her creepy ASMR tape won’t stop playing – no matter what she does.

Here you can see the six individual posters for each short, a small hint of what’s to come.

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