Satanists Prosper in Latest Indie Film

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Oh, big red! Don’t you prosper enough? You are raking in box office dollars hand over fist; are you so greedy you really have to infect the indie scene now, too? Of course you are!

Directed by Deronte Smith and starring April Hollingsworth, Davien Harlis, Nicholas Wolfe, Shayla Love, Anastasia Pekhtereva, Walnette Santiago, Renier Cortes, Samme William, Diva Tyler, Garrick Parks Cast, Susan D’Angelo, Addy Miller, Blake Cooper, and Jade Nicolette, look for more on Prosper soon!

What happens when a few kids in a sleepy suburban neighborhood meet their new neighbor, a seductive Satan worshiping witch with a command over the spirit world? On the night of the Winter Solstice, six teens will meet to play what they think is a game, or fictitious ritual, with the promise of prosperity in their lives. But when the binding circle is broken, the spirit world runs amok in the house, leaving only one to bear witness to the beginning of the myth – the urban legend… she lives.

Satanists Prosper in Latest Indie Film

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