McFarlane’s Nightmare


McFarlane's Nightmare (click to see it bigger!)I have to say I’ve not been terribly impressed with McFarlane’s line of “pop culture masterworks,” as they call them, which are just 3D versions of classic movie posters and album covers, but damn this new Nightmare on Elm Street one is badass.

First off, I’ve always loved the painted poster that was used for the original film (the paintings for the first two were supremely badass, actually), so to see it popping out into real life like this gives me a thrill. It sure doesn’t hurt that McFarlane’s team consists of some of the best sculptors around, even if they’ve more or less left horror behind these last few years.

Click here for some more shots of the poster and right here to pre-order the poster (which is due out in November) through Evilshop!

Johnny Butane

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