Gunpowder & Sky’s DUST Expands To New Platforms: New Scripted Series In The Works

Gunpowder & Sky’s sci-fi label DUST has announced that its channel, DUSTx, will be expanding its reach by launching on additional OTT platforms, such as Comcast FLEX, Vizio TV and Sling TV. In the UK, they’ll be launching on Samsung TV Plus. This will allow fans to watch their sci-fi shorts on various platforms for their convenience.

Additionally, two new original scripted series have been confirmed. The first is Orpheus Project, which comes from the same production team behind shows like Peaky Blinders and Orphan Black. The first season will begin airing on September 20.

An Israeli series that follows five elite medical students chosen for a special prestigious program run by a renowned professor. They spend their days moving from operating room to hospital bed actively trying to save lives, but by night they tap into the secret world of the after-life. During a near-death experience, they discover a mysterious portal that can transport them to the uncharted world of the hereafter. What they soon realize is that the portal goes both ways. Once the gate is opened, even for the slightest moment, death becomes an endless visitor, providing supernatural powers that help them become better doctors but also undermine everything they know about themselves.

The second show is called Restoration, and it comes from award-winning filmmaker Stuart Wells. Episode one premieres today with new episodes released daily through September 13.

Set in the near future where a company offers individuals the service of having their memories downloaded “for backup” – in the event of death, those memories can be uploaded into a new body. After a routine backup, Oliver Klein wakes to find his memories restored into a body that is not his own. Trapped in a foreign body with its own ‘muscle memory’, Oliver discovers that he is capable of doing things the original Oliver never could… and never would. Oliver must find a way to reconnect with his family and his life while coming face-to-face with the truth that he is no longer the only Oliver Klein.

“Since its launch on Roku, DUSTx has surpassed our expectations in terms of viewership and retention, driven in large part by our loyal fanbase of sci-fi lovers,” said Eric Bromberg, DUST GM. “In response to audience demand, we are expanding our distribution to more platforms as well as our programming with more original and global series.”



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