First Teaser for Richard Elfman’s ALIENS, CLOWNS & GEEKS is Pure Insanity!

Pennywise floated back into theaters last night in IT: Chapter Two, but if you’re looking for an epic clownpocalypse of insanity, take a gander at the teaser for Richard Elfman’s ALIENS, CLOWNS & GEEKS embedded at the top of the article!

Look for Hipsters, Gangsters, Aliens and Geeks in late November.

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Eddy Pine (Bodhi Elfman) is a jaded actor dealing with the cancellation of his series. To complicate matters, he wakes up with the key to the universe stuck up his ass. Apparently an alien Clown Emperor (Verne Troyer) is in hot pursuit, as are his rivals, the Green Aliens. Professor von Scheisenberg (French Stewart) and his comely Swedish assistants, the Svenson sisters (Rebecca Forsythe, Angeline-Rose Troy), come to Eddy’s aid. If only Eddy hadn’t fallen for Helga, then the aliens confuse his brain with sister Inga. And when mad little Clown Captain (Martin Klebba, Pirates) steps on the gas and shifts his spaceship into fourth gear, all hell breaks loose! Fast-paced fun and wall-to-wall music by Danny Elfman and Ego Plum.

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