Werewolf Horror Film I AM LISA Completes Principal Photography + Exclusive Stills

Director Patrick Rea’s werewolf horror film I Am Lisa has wrapped principal photography and the film is now moving on to the post-production phase with an expected release date in 2020. Written by Eric Winkler, the movie takes the rape-revenge concept and injects some lycanthropic terror into the midst.

I Am Lisa is an homage to every revenge movie I’ve ever seen,” says Winkler. “It was also heavily influenced by any movie that features a strong female protagonist, like Aliens, Kill Bill, and Day of the Dead. A lot of werewolf movies revolve around the protagonist’s struggle with the loss of their humanity. I wanted to give our hero a justifiable reason to give in to that loss of control.”

“The character of Lisa was an attractive role for me because as a small female, I don’t often get to play physically empowered, strong and tough women,” said Kristen Vaganos, who plays Lisa. “I was definitely excited to get into the psyche of someone going through such a powerful, scary, and confusing transformation and then learning to utilize it for revenge.”

My Chemical Romance‘s James Dewees will compose the film.

A young woman is assaulted by a corrupt sheriff and her goons. Left in the woods to die, Lisa is instead bitten by a werewolf. She begins to exact revenge on her attackers. Can she retain her humanity as she cedes more and more of herself to the wolf?

Written by Eric Winkler and directed by Patrick Rea, I Am Lisa stars Kristen Vaganos, Carmen Anello, Manon Halliburton, and Chris Bylsma.



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