Andy Muschietti Wants To Combine Both IT Films Into One Massive Supercut

In an interview with SFX Magazine (courtesy of GamesRadar), It Chapter Two director Andy Muschietti proclaimed that he’s not only open to the idea of combining both King adaptations into one film but that there might be a few different versions!

“The possibilities are open. There’s a version where the two movies are cut together. There’s a version where there’s a special director’s cut of number one and a special director’s cut of number two. And I’m happy to basically work on every one of them,” Muschietti explains.

With It Chapter Two already running at a meaty 165 minutes, a directors cut would almost certainly push the film in the three-hour territory. However, Muschietti states that the first cut of It Chapter Two ran at about four hours long, so who knows just how long a supercut could end up being.

None of this is confirmation that a supercut will be released, unfortunately. For now, this is all the wishes of a team who have given us horror’s highest-grossing film of all time (not adjusted for inflation, of course). All we can do is sit, wait, and keep our fingers crossed.



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