Exclusive: READY OR NOT’s Samara Weaving On DIY Wedding Dresses

Today sees the wide release of the horror/comedy Ready or Not, which features Mayhem badass Samara Weaving fucking up all kinds of rich people, albeit not one of her preferred wedding night activities. And in order to carry out all of this self-defense carnage, one has to look a certain part, wouldn’t you say? Luckily, Ms. Weaving is here to give us all a bit of a fashion lesson on how to dress the part for a night of slaughter.

Above is an exclusive clip that we’re proud to reveal in which Samara Weaving explains how to break down a wedding dress to go from something beautiful to something utilitarian…and bloody. Also, one has to have the right shoes, something she doesn’t gloss over. If you’re in need of a costume idea for Halloween this year, I think it’s safe to say Ms. Weaving has got you covered.

A bride’s wedding night takes a sinister turn when her eccentric new in-laws force her to take part in a terrifying game.

Directed by Radio Silence’s Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett off a script by Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy, Ready or Not stars Samara Weaving, Adam Brody, Andie MacDowell, and Mark O’Brien.



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