Bettis Gets a New Scar


Angela Bettis to topline ScarI’m not going to say this is the strangest bit of news I’ve seen in a while, but it sure as hell did make me go back and re-read it a few times to make sure I hadn’t misinterpreted what I had seen on screen.

Production Weekly announced this morning that May star Angela Bettis has signed on to topline a new 3D/HD (?!) horror movie called Scar. Bettis will play a girl named Joan, who returns home for her cousin’s high school graduation only be confronted by her horrific past.

Back when she was 16, she and her best friend were kidnapped and tortured by a psychopath named Ernie Parish. Joan managed to get free and kill their captor, but now it seems as if Ernie has returned from the dead, intent on continuing his sick habits.

As cheesy and 80’s slasher-esque as it sounds, I’m going to hold out some hope for this one as Bettis is notoriously picky about the movies she agrees to work on, so there’s got to be something special about Scar. Other than the fact that its being shot in 3D and that Blood Wings: Pumpkinhead’s Revenge video game director Jed Weintrob is behind it, that is.

Production on Scar begins in Calgary on October 3rd.

Johnny Butane

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