Elise Salomon’s Secretive Folk Horror INSIDE is going to London FrightFest

Last May, a proof of concept for Elise Salomon’s Inside screened as part of the Frontières Platform at Cannes Marché du Film. The next stop for this project is London Frightfest. While plot details are being kept under wraps we now know a little bit more about this supernatural drama.

After making its way through the Pitch Lab at Stowe Story Labs, the project was first introduced to the market at last summer’s Frontières FantasiaFest in Montreal. At that stage of the Frontières program, the majority of participating feature projects are scripted and partially packaged. Lindsay Peters, Vanessa Meyer and the team at Frontières continued to support the project throughout the process. With the feature script completed, Salomon and producer Heather Buckley set out to shoot a proof of concept after seeing there was strong interest.

With a solid package that includes Irish partners, Fantastic Films (Sea Fever, Vivarium), as well as Eggplant Picture & Sound (Blackcoat’s Daughter, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House) and Skywalker Sound, Inside applied to the third tier of the Frontières program and was accepted to the proof of concept platform at Marché du film, Cannes.

Paul McEvoy, Director of FrightFest, saw the proof of concept for Inside at Cannes and invited the POC to screen at the festival in London this month. The three-minute presentation will screen before Nekrotronic on Sunday, August 25th at 8:45 PM in the Arrow Video Screen (IMAX) and 9:15 PM in the Horror Channel Screen (Super Screen/Impact) at Cineworld Leicester Square. Tickets are on sale now.

What we know about Inside is that it set in present-day Ireland and based in a real figure rooted in Celtic mythology.

Producer Heather Buckley provided us with an exclusive:

Heather Buckley

“There is a resurgent interest in Folk Horror because we are irresistibly drawn to the past in times of turmoil and crisis. The primordial world of ritual and sacrifice for defined punishment or reward lurks behind the veil of chaotic, confusing contemporary times. No matter how far civilization may progress, a wilderness remains underneath—in both the land and our psyche—and what awaits there is terrifying. Inside lifts the veil between the world we know and the one we are waking to. This horror is rooted in the landscape, the mythology, and in the souls of our main characters. Fear of nature’s implacable wrath married to the fear of being trapped in the relentless traumatic past—the historical past, the personal past—lie at the heart of Inside.”

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