Exclusive Video Premiere: “I Can’t See You Em” by SURPRISES Drips with B-Movie Gore

Surprises Banner 750x422 - Exclusive Video Premiere: "I Can't See You Em" by SURPRISES Drips with B-Movie Gore

Nothing beats a rocking track set to some horror movie madness, and that’s exactly what we’ve got! Dread Central is thrilled to exclusively premiere “I Can’t See You Em” by Surprises! It’s the latest single from the album Natural Disaster, currently available from Spartan Records. Give it a spin embedded at the top of the article!

Surprises 1024x1024 - Exclusive Video Premiere: "I Can't See You Em" by SURPRISES Drips with B-Movie Gore

About Surprises:
“Subconsciously, these songs were there the whole time.” These words seem like an understatement coming from Brooks Paschal. After releasing three successful LP’s with the fan-adored band Sullivan and dozens of solo tracks over the past ten years, songs seem to emanate from all levels of the musician’s consciousness. However, Paschal’s new project Surprises is something different. It is cathartic, it is reckless, and it is personal — a striking new narrative from a familiar voice.

“My main objective was to capture the inescapability of anxiety. I knew that I didn’t want to make a traditional music video in that the performance had to be part of the landscape” says Paschal about this track. “I wanted the viewer/listener to feel that I was trapped in whatever space I was in. I had the idea of using the old footage while watching Kingdom of the Spiders. There was something that was authentic and completely unrepeatable about it. A director buddy of mine pointed me to archive.org. I watched hours of footage to find the moments that really sold the recklessness of the song. The one thing I noticed looking back was the commonality of the shots I chose despite the different decades of the footage. There was a cohesion that made me believe in the song more and hopefully will give folks another reason to listen/watch.”

Surprises Natural Disaster Album Cover 1024x1024 - Exclusive Video Premiere: "I Can't See You Em" by SURPRISES Drips with B-Movie Gore

If you dig what you hear/see above, you can check out another vid from Natural Disaster, “El Salvador”, below.

Pick up your copy of Natural Disaster, HERE, and keep up to date on all of Spartan’s releases at the label’s official website, HERE. Link for Surprises are below.

Facebook:  http://facebook.com/weneedsurprises

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