Gallery: “The Six Faces of Fear” is the Best HELLRAISER Lament Configuration–Ever!

Lament Pinhead Banner 750x422 - Gallery: "The Six Faces of Fear" is the Best HELLRAISER Lament Configuration--Ever!

They’ll tear your soul apart!

Aficionados of horror memorabilia and high-quality, screen-accurate replicas have known about Mark Phillips and Nightmares Unlimited for years now. From chrome Phantasm spheres to Freddy Krueger gloves and Re-Animator syringes, Phillips has created some stunning works and imaginative mash-ups which we’ve featured here in the past.

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His latest creation is another knock-out! It’s a replica Lament Configuration from the Hellraiser franchise dubbed “The Six Faces of Fear”. Instead of the standard, iconic etchings that adorn each side, Phillips has created custom portraits of Clive Barker and his most iconic Hellraiser characters: Kristy Cotton, Pinhead, Chatterer, Butterball, and Female Cenobite! Check out the image gallery below!

“And now, ‘The Six Faces of Fear’ is complete,” Phillips tells us. “They are etched brass and solid mahogany. Each sided represents why we fell in love with the Hellraiser franchise.”

Want one? Here’s the skinny:

“The price will be $275 and they will be available in our Etsy store after October. For now, you can check them out and get them at the conventions we attend.”

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