Image Gallery from Feminist/Trans Vampire Horror BIT

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We’ve had our eyes of Bit for a few weeks now. The feminist/queer/trans vampire story will screen at both Outfest and Popcorn Frights in the coming weeks, where it’s likely to snag distribution. While we wait for the film to find its way to the masses, we’re thrilled to share the image gallery below.

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Give it a look-see, followed by the film synopsis and a clip from Bit.

As soon as she graduates from her small town, small minded high school, trans teen Laurel immediately sets her sights on Los Angeles, seeking a bigger, more accepting world. As fate would have it, on Laurel’s first night out, she ends up at a warehouse party with a mysterious punk group of girls. Her luck turns when she is attacked and left for dead by the group’s leader, Duke. Laurel awakens to discover she has been bitten and may be turning into a vampire. Duke invites her to join the vampire squad, if she can live by their rules: eat what you kill and no turning men. Faced with the decision to join the girls, Laurel becomes entrenched in their ways while beginning to doubt whether or not she’s ready to become one of the undead.

Bit is written and directed by Brad Michael Elmore and stars Nicole Maines, M.C. Gainey, and Diana Hopper.

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