Trailer: SCARE TACTICS is Coming to Netflix This Weekend–Uncensored

Netflix is breathing new life into Scare Tactics, the hit prank show starring Tracy Morgan that last aired on Syfy in 2016. Best of all, the streaming giant will be presenting new and classic episodes completely uncensored! Give the trailer for the show’s return a spin at the top of the article!

Scare Tactics is the hit hidden-camera series with a Sci-Fi twist. The comedy/reality show hosted by Tracy Morgan (30 Rock, SNL) takes advantage of the age-old practice of friends playing practical jokes on each other. “Boo” is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Scare Tactics is simply “Boo” – with a budget. Set up by friends and family members, the show’s unwitting “stars” are caught off guard and on camera in elaborately staged horror hoaxes involving movie-style special effects and expert make-up. From alien abductions to encounters with the undead to brushes with the paranormal, it’s all about making people “believe the unbelievable.” What separates Scare Tactics from other hidden camera shows is the cinematic shooting and editing style that gives each piece the look and feel of a scary movie. In the end, our audience delights in being “in on the joke”, first laughing AT our victims, then WITH them as the prank is revealed. Scare Tactics pranks have been voted #1 in ALL FOUR of VH1’s “40 Greatest Pranks” specials. Also, VH1’s “The Short List” ranked the Scare Tactics babysitting prank, “Channeling the Dead” as the #1 Reality Show Freak Out of all time!

Scare Tactics is also introducing a companion series called Behind the Scares that examines the real-life horror stories that inspired classic Scare Tactics episodes. The first episode focuses on “Cannibal Camp” from episode 401. Check out a clip below.

Look for Scare Tactics and Behind the Scares on Netflix beginning June 29th!

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