Exclusive: THE SPIDER HOLE Create A New Monster Anthem With “The Leviathan Stomp”

By Jonathan Barkan

Hailing out of Phoenix, AZ, The Spider Hole is a quartet of rockers that inject their tunes with a dash of cabaret, a pinch of goth, and a splash of blues. Heavily influenced by horror and all things spooky, the band is currently celebrating the release of their new album To The Monsters, which came out earlier this month.

Oh, and speaking of To The Monsters, we’ve got our hands on the exclusive music video premiere for their song “The Leviathan Stomp”, which is the 9th track on the album!

The band tells Dread Central, “The song ‘The Leviathan Stomp’ is about a wealthy, uptight family who keeps their monstrously deformed son chained up in the basement of their opulent mansion. Naturally, one day the son breaks loose. The “stomp” is him coming up the stairs. We didn’t have access to a mansion or a monster or a rich person, so for the video, we just kind of cherry-picked the themes of chaos, disease, and duality, and threw it all in a blender. Also, stairs. We found some stairs.”

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