Exclusive Trailer: A.I. Goes Rogue In DUST’s Upcoming Short WATCH ROOM

This coming Thursday, Gunpowder & Sky’s sci-fi label DUST will be releasing their latest short film in the form of Watch Room. Echoing themes of Terminator, the short follows a group of friends who program an artificial intelligence inside of a controlled environment, giving them what they think is a measure of control. Unfortunately for them, once the A.I. learns that they plan to shut her down, she takes matters into her own virtual hands.

Below is the exclusive trailer premiere for Watch Room.

Countless nights of creative problem solving have brought longtime friends and scientists Nate, Bernard, and Chloe as far as they’ve come. Collaborating from Nate’s ramshackle garage, the trio has blazed a trail to the frontier of Artiļ¬cial Intelligence – to KATE, a self-aware AI designed to behave like a human, contained to and tested within the safety of a computer program that interfaces with the real world via bootstrapped virtual reality technology. When Kate fails a key experiment, Bernard and Chloe insist they shut her down and go back to the drawing board, but Kate has other plans.

Written by Michael Koehler and directed by Noah Wagner, Watch Room stars Jacob Batalon, Alice Kremelberg, Mamoudou Athie, and Natalie Paul.



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