Nick Corirossi Interview: From High Comedy to DEEP MURDER

Nick Corirossi has spent most of his career making people laugh as a writer, director and actor. He’s done hundreds of skits for Funny or Die, Comedy Central, Conan and Jimmy Kimmel Live, just to name a few. With the release of Deep Murder (out June 14 from Screen Media), the 32-year-old filmmaker tries mixing shocks with gags, in a movie about bloody killings in the world of the soft-porn industry.

In preparation for Dread Central’s free NYC screening of Deep Murder on June 12 (RSVP HERE), we emailed Corirossi a few questions to get his thoughts on the raunchy film.

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Nick Corirossi

Dread Central: Why did you choose to make your feature debut with Deep Murder?

Nick Corirossi: It was the first feature offered to me to direct!

DC: Was it an easy transition for you going from shorts to features?

NC: If everyone hates the movie, then I guess I did not make that transition well! I hope I did to some degree.

DC: What kind of balance is there between the comedy and the horror?

NC: I would say 90 percent of the film is a comedy soft-core porn version of And Then There Were None or Murder on the Orient Express, that TRULY turns into a horror film in the third act.

DC: Any great slasher films that you looked at before making the film?

NC: No.

DC: Talk about shooting the murder scenes. Any favorites?

NC: There are three deaths in this movie I have never seen before in films, so you have to see it to know! (Hint: the one with dildo through head, dildo spear and heart-shaped paperweight irreversible head smash!)

DC: There are a number of screenwriters on the film. Who did what?

NC: Comedy scripts normally have lot of contributing writers for jokes. I assume they all owned a little chunk of the jokes in the movie.

DC: Were there any ratings issues over the sex or violence?

NC: The only censorship the film received was getting rid of the 3-foot dildo attached to the killer after the chase. Other than that, there is full-frontal male nudity, a dildo through a skull, a severed arm jammed into someone’s asshole… so not much more censorship!

DC: What’s next for you? More comedy? A more traditional horror film?

NC: Something I write and star in!

Deep Murder is a genre-bending horror comedy that takes place inside the world of a softcore porn. It begins like any other porno, with a group of horny archetypes holed up in a poorly decorated house. But when they begin to be brutally murdered one by one, they’re forced to evolve from clichés into real people in order to catch the killer in their midst and survive the night.

Deep Murder is written by Quinn Beswick, Josh Margolin, Benjamin Smolen, and Nikolai von Keller; the film stars Jerry O’Connell (Kangaroo Jack), Christopher McDonald (Happy Gilmore), Katie Aselton (The Gift), Stephanie Drake (Mad Men), Chris Redd (Saturday Night Live), Jessica Parker Kennedy (The Flash), Quinn Beswick (Here’s To You, Charlie Brown: 50 Great Years), Josh Margolin (My Boyfriend is a Robot).



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