FRIDAY THE 13TH Lawsuit Expected to Settle in Next 2 Weeks + Nintendo Switch Video Game Update

When last we updated you all on the status of the Friday the 13th lawsuit between original scribe Victor Miller and original director Sean Cunningham, things were far from finalized. Though Miller had regained significant control over the franchise he helped launch in 1980, insiders expected Cunningham to appeal the decision, meaning the series was essentially stuck in limbo.

Ironically, Larry Zerner (the actor who played Shelly in Friday the 13th Part 3) has become a major source of information for fans of the Friday franchise. After leaving acting, he became a patent lawyer and has been explaining the complexities of the ongoing lawsuit in ways the average Joe can easily understand. Now, Zerner has giving new, potentially positive updates.

In the video above from Jimmy Champane, the YouTuber discusses the latest turn in the case. According to Zerner, the lawsuit could end in the next two weeks and he hypothesizes the chances are 50/50 that Cunningham will choose to settle the as opposed to appealing, which could keep the franchise mired for several more years. Nobody’s got time for that!

The video also offers an update on the status of the Friday the 13th video game’s arrival on Nintendo Switch, where it’s likely to get a resurgence in popularity by tapping into a new population of dedicated gamers. It’s definitely worth giving a look-see.

Are you hoping the Friday the 13th lawsuit comes to a conclusion soon? Are you excited for Friday the 13th the game’s arrival on Nintendo Switch this spring? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!



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