THREE FROM HELL to be Released on Halloween?

Rob Zombie has been keeping his fans entertained and engaged throughout the post-production process of Three From Hell, his sequel to The Devil’s Rejects, via frequent Instagram posts. Still, those of us most excited about the upcoming film have bemoaned the fact that we haven’t gotten a trailer yet—or even a set release date. Now, we finally have some potentially excellent news to report.

Our friends at Dark Universe Horror Database are exclusively reporting that Zombie has set a date for the return of the Firefly clan, and (if true) it’s perfect timing: October 31st, 2019! That’s right, folks, this Halloween just might be one for the books! Of course, whether or not the film takes place on Halloween remains to be seen. It would be fitting, however, considering Zombie helmed two Halloween remakes, both of which took place on October 31st (of course).

While we’ve yet to hear an official announcement from Zombie’s camp, Dark Universe is an excellent and trustworthy resource. Still, we’ll be keeping our ears peeled for an official confirmation.

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In addition to reuniting the Firefly clan (Bill Moseley, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Sid Haig) Three From Hell will feature, Emilio Rivera, Danny Trejo, Kevin Jackson, Wade Williams, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Pancho Moler, Daniel Roebuck, David Ury, Sean Whalen, Austin Stoker, Dee Wallace, Richard Brake, Bill Oberst Jr., Dot-Marie Jones, and Tom Papa.

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We’ll continue to bring you all Three From Hell details as they emerge; stay tuned!

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