Trailer For Amazon’s Psychological Horror Film MUSE

muse shower image 1 750x422 - Trailer For Amazon's Psychological Horror Film MUSE

A few weeks ago, we reviewed Muse, a suspenseful slow-burning drama which we called “one of the most powerful and thought-provoking horror films in recent memory”. If you’d like to uncover the mystery for yourself, you might be glad to learn that Muse is now available on Amazon Prime, and you can watch the first trailer at the top of this article.

Muse stars Jeffrey Charles Richards as a grieving writer who retreats to his country estate in the South of France, only to develop an unhealthy obsession with a woman who bears a striking resemblance to his deceased daughter. It also stars Emily Price, Lowri Watts-Joyce, and Nicholas Ball. Richard Watts-Joyce, executive producer for Altis International, described the film as “a wonderful, slow burning horror that gets under your skin – Misery meets Hereditary.”

Director Richard John Taylor recently provided us with an exclusive insight into the development of Muse, which certainly made for an interesting read. He also helmed last year’s The Krays: Dead Man Walking, and is currently working on the upcoming horror film Baba Yaga.

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