Batman Fights Zombies In DCEASED Limited Series

dceased it comic cover 1 - Batman Fights Zombies In DCEASED Limited Series
Interior artwork.

We love superheroes round these parts, so the news of a new limited series in which Batman fights zombies has certainly piqued our interest.

The upcoming six issue limited series DCeased from writer Tom Taylor will take place in an alternate version of the DC Universe, which has been turned into a zombie-infested wasteland after the super-villain known as Darkseid infects around 600 million people by spreading a techno-organic virus through the world’s networks. Because it will take place outside of the regular DC continuity, Taylor was given free reign to take the story in any direction he wanted, which IGN explains will result in a much higher body count than readers might be used to. Taylor even said that he will do things with your favorite DC heroes which will make Injustice look tame by comparison, so this book will not pull any punches.

Interestingly, Taylor also wanted to explore Batman’s vulnerable side in the series, which is why the virus will slowly begin to affect the hero’s mind as he tries to restore the world to normal. It looks like Batman will be so busy fighting zombies and trying to hold on to his sanity that he won’t be able to take off his clothes like he did last year. Rest assured, he’ll be wearing his Batsuit and not his birthday suit.

The first issue of DCeased will be released in comic stores on May 1. It will feature a standard cover by Greg Capullo and two variant covers, one of which clearly pays homage to Stephen King’s It. Drawn by Yasmine Putri, the image shows the Joker holding the iconic red balloon in the place of Pennywise, and Robin with his yellow cape standing in place of little Georgie with his yellow raincoat. Because Warner Bros. distributed It and also own DC Comics, it was probably only a matter of time before we got an official mashup. The other variant cover was drawn by Francesco Mattina, and shows a terrifying zombified version of Batman.

Interior artwork for the issues will be provided by Trevor Hairsine, James Harren, and Stefano Gaudiano.

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