DREAD: THE UNSOLVED Case File #6 Teaser – “Monsters Among Us”

To quote a line from John Carpenter’s They Live: “Wake up! They’re all about you! All around you!”

In our previous investigations – including the incredibly bizarre “Alien Ranch” case – we’ve often had only a few scraps of solid evidence to work from, and very little of that in the form of video footage. Not so for our next installment, appropriately entitled “Monsters Among Us.”

While you’ve likely seen a ton of shaky, blurry YouTube videos depicting everything from alleged bigfoot and Jersey Devil sightings to pesky poltergeists and haunted dolls rummaging through people’s basements. But very few of these stand up under close scrutiny – especially if they’re being shot in the dark, where any old shadows, reflections and patches of stray light can look quite spooky in low-resolution footage.

Not so with our next episode – which focuses entirely on a group of clips allegedly shot in or near heavily-traveled urban locations, often in daylight hours, supposedly in plain sight of passers-by who appear to be oblivious to the inhuman creatures caught on camera near them.

Bridge-hanging bat creatures, tunnel trolls, lake serpents – all of these images have apparently been filmed in and around well-populated urban areas… often with the public walking right past them.

For a sample of these urban invaders in action, play the video above for a sneak peek at next week’s full episode – which goes live on Thursday, March 7 @ 11am Pacific, right here on Dread Central!