Animated Valentines Day Horror Story Will Make You Glad You’re Single!

“The love of my life left me today…”

For some people, Valentines Day is a wonderful occasion, a chance to shower your romantic partner with gifts and adoration. For the rest of us, Valentines Day can be (at best) annoying and (at worst) salt in our wounds. Of course we all deserve to find our perfect soulmates, and hopefully in time we all will—but sometimes being single has its benefits.

Check out the animated horror story above from YouTuber Seon, an artist whose channel has garnered massive views in a relatively short amount of time—and it’s easy to see why. Behind the two-dimensional simplicity of the art and the darling voice of a narrator is the perfect set up for an unbelievably terrifying twist.

What do you think of Seon’s animated, Valentines Day-themed horror short? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!



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