Exclusive Hand Painted Poster For Emma Dark’s SALIENT MINUS TEN Revealed

Salient Minus Ten Poster Web L 1 212x300 - Exclusive Hand Painted Poster For Emma Dark's SALIENT MINUS TEN Revealed

Director Emma Dark has exclusively provided us with the new poster for her award winning short film Salient Minus Ten (review). The poster was painted by artist Simon Pritchard, with Dark creating the layout and typesetting.

Speaking exclusively to Dread Central, Pritchard provided the following statement about the creation process behind the gorgeous piece of art.

“I discussed my influences with Emma and the kind of vintage science fiction poster art we both love, and how I could create a piece harking back to that. I’d already seen her film at the first DarkFest so had a handle on it. So after a preliminary discussion I started by roughing out a basic pencil sketch comp of what I had in mind. Emma liked it straight off once she saw this and that then laid the ground work for the actual painting.”

Dark also explained that she wanted her film to be represented by a hand painted poster as opposed to something created digitally, saying:

“I created the previous Salient Minus Ten poster digitally, and although I was happy with it, it was still really nice to have something authentically hand painted, and so dynamic in style! I’m thrilled to see a resurgence of hand painted poster art on the independent film scene, and Simon is certainly one of the brightest up-and-coming artists. Simon captured the essence of the film perfectly. And finally I had room for a full credit block for my amazing cast and crew too!”

Salient Minus Ten originally premiered at the British Horror Film Festival in 2017 and went on to win the Starburst Media City Film Festival Award for Best Director. It has also been screened at a number of other festivals, including DarkFest, the Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival, Panic Fest, Black Sunday, and Yellow Fever, where Dark won the Albert Pyun Inspiration Award.

The short features Star Wars actor Alan Austen as an average man who suddenly finds himself thrust into a bizarre game of life and death. The supporting cast includes Chris Hampshire, Beric Read, and Samantha Oci, with Dark herself also making an appearance. Philip Bloom, who worked on Lucasfilm’s Red Tails, served as director of photography.

Seeing as it will be continuing its festival run into this year, we can hopefully expect Salient Minus Ten to pick up more awards in the near future.

Written by David Gelmini

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