FINAL DESTINATION Being Rebooted With SAW Writers

Some huge news has just been announced over at THR who are reporting that Saw franchise writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have been tapped by New Line to reboot the Final Destination series.

Melton and Dunstan’s script is supposedly being seen as a sixth entry in the series and not a hard reboot. Smart move as it wouldn’t make sense to reboot a franchise where each film has a story that is, basically, in and of itself. Rebooting something like Saw would make sense as each film plays off of each other but this is going to be another entry in a successful franchise.

The Final Destination series spanned five films over more than a decade and drew in over $660 million worldwide.

The next film featuring Melton and Dunstan’s script will be CBS Films’ Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.



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