Dread Central Presents Exclusive: Behind-The-Scenes DRY BLOOD Clip Gets Sharp and Pointy

Next Tuesday will see the release of Dread Central Presents’ own Dry Blood, a supernatural horror/thriller from director Kelton Jones. We’ve been incredibly excited for you to see this film and we want to give you a small taste of the Blu-ray features by showing you the above clip, where the magic of practical FX has its curtain pulled back!

If you’ve ever wondered how horror films use real-looking knives to do some serious damage, this clip helps explain prop knives and how they’re utilized at the right times.

Pre-order your Blu-ray or DVD copy of Dry Blood right now through Epic Pictures!

There are also two events to keep track of if you’re in the Los Angeles area! First up are screenings of the movie at The Frida starting tonight, January 11. For more information, click here. The second event is a signing over at Dark Delicacies with writer/director Clint Carney as well as Dread Central Presents’ own Rob Galluzzo (Shock Waves)! Ticket information can be found right here.

In a rural mountain town, an unstable drug addict must unravel a surreal murder mystery as he’s terrorized by malevolent ghosts, a deranged sheriff, and the frightening hallucinations from his withdrawal.

Directed by Kelton Jones, and written/starring/produced by System Syn‘s Clint Carney, Dry Blood stars Clint Carney, Jaymie Valentine, Kelton Jones, Robert V. Galluzzo, Graham Sheldon, Rin Ehlers, and Macy Johnson.



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