Extraterrestrial Violence on Full Display in Latest Trailer for AWAKENING ALPHA

The latest trailer for Awakening Alpha makes it clear that the film would fit in perfectly with our Apocalyptic “Month of Dread” theme for December. Fans of high-concept horror/sci-fi and mind-benders like The Twilight Zone will definitely want to take notice. Give it a spin at the top of the article.

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Awakening Alpha tells the story of a man who wakes up from deep sleep to discover that he is the last man on earth and there is a dark force coming from the sky. Written, directed, and starring Shahin Sean Solimon, the film has everything a genre fan would love to see in an exciting sci-fi film, including aliens, flying saucers, giant pods, robots, the undead, and great visual effects, including some classic stop-motion technology!

In addition to Solimon, the film stars Ginger Christie and Alex Noel. Look for Awakening Alpha to invade some time in 2019.

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