6-Part ALIEN Universe “Dossier” Reveals Weyland-Yutani’s Secret Xenomorph Breeding Chambers

A few days ago, the official Instagram of the Alien franchise began publishing aseries of motion images that are part of a secret dossier exposing the illegalresearch activities of the Weyland Yutani Corporation. The seem to be notestaken by an anonymous whistle-blower; each includes the hashtag #AmandaRipley,and each promises the Alien Universe will be expanding in2019.

We’ve heard rumors regarding at least one Alien project in the works for 2019: A TV series for an as-yet-unnamed streaming service. Are these Instagram posts part of a promotional tie-in?

The image shared late yesterday afternoon (#3) was the most chilling post yet. It features Xenomorph breeding chambers. While we can’t see what’s happening inside the oddly egg-shaped pods, we can certainly imagine what horrors are being endured within. Have a look all three dossiers reports released so far below.

What do you think of the motion pictures from the Alien Instagram account? Are you excited for a new chapter in the Alien saga sometime in 2019? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!



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