Third Novel Published by Cinestate HEADCHEESE is Now Available

Headcheese Banner 750x422 - Third Novel Published by Cinestate HEADCHEESE is Now Available

Headcheese Cover 188x300 - Third Novel Published by Cinestate HEADCHEESE is Now AvailableLast Summer, Fangoria released their first novel: Our Lady of the Inferno by Preston Fassel, was extremely well received and, a couple weeks ago, we announced that the feature film rights to the book have already been optioned.

Now, Cinestate (the company that owns Fangoria) has just released their third novel. Headcheese, just hit online and brick and mortar retailers yesterday, and we’re hoping for another horror literature heavyweight. (Cinestate’s first two novels were Hug Chickenpenny by S. Craig Zahler and The Megarothke by Robert Ashcroft)

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From visionary scribe Jess Hagemann, Headcheese is “written in a unique style that recalls the textbook format of House of Leaves [by Mark Danielewski]. The novel tells the intersecting stories of 26 diverse individuals all connected by acrotomophilia—a sexual fetish for amputation. As they take desperate measures to make themselves feel whole by removing their own limbs—among other appendages—they fall under the sway of Captain Hook, a charismatic cult leader obsessed with perfecting the art of do-it-yourself amputation.”

The announcement came with a statement from Hagemann:

“I grew up devouring scary stories. Alvin Schwartz’s collection Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (and those nightmare illustrations by Stephen Gammell) more or less narrated a childhood spent reading, listening to, and telling tall tales to scare myself, my siblings, and my friends. When we weren’t playing Bloody Mary in the bathroom, I read books by flashlight in a long cardboard box and pretended it was my coffin. I’ve never lost that fascination with ‘the dark side,’ though these days it takes a less supernatural bent. I’m less interested in ghosts and more in the inner demons that haunt people: their regrets, their fears, the desires they don’t express to anyone else. Headcheese is about some of those desires, plus the fear of acting on (or not) that desire, and regret when they ultimately do (or don’t).”

Headcheese is bolstered by gruesome illustrations by Dallas artist Chris Panatier. You can purchase your copy online at Amazon, HERE; the novel is also sold at Barnes & Noble and select bookstores.

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