Exclusive Track From THE NIGHTFLYERS Has Us “Breaking Orbit”

It constantly amazes me just how much influence a good soundtrack can have on the efficacy of a movie, game, or show. The right note at the right moment can be just as effective as a full blown FX creation or a brilliant camera angle. When combined, everything coalesces into a stunning experience that leaves an imprint forever. Just think of the reentry sequence from Gravity or the elevators opening in The Shining. Their impact was a culmination of every single aspect that makes these mediums so engaging.

Syfy’s latest sci-fi/horror series The Nightflyers – which is based on a series of short stories as well as a novella by Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin – aims to continue that standard of excellence as they’ve employed composer Will Bates, whose work has elevated such titles as The Magicians, Imperium, and the forthcoming Depraved (written and directed by Larry Fessenden).

Today, we’re bringing you an exclusive stream of the track “Breaking Orbit” from the show’s soundtrack. A mixture of organic strings with synthetic beats, the piece is both melancholically beautiful and strangely sinister. It’s a wonderful piece that we highly recommend listening to above.

If you like what you’re hearing, the full soundtrack was released today through Lakeshore Records.



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