DREAD: THE UNSOLVED Episode 2 “The Watcher” Premieres Tomorrow!

watcher header 01a 750x422 - DREAD: THE UNSOLVED Episode 2 “The Watcher” Premieres Tomorrow!
man shot against the light of a window (slow shutter speed, the man been on the picture for only part of the exposure and therefore a bit transparent)

Hot on the heels of our debut episode “The Lost Puppeteers” (link below), we’re about ready to unleash the next chapter of Dread Central’s new original web series Dread: The Unsolved!

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The second installment in our bi-monthly series tackles one of the most terrifying and (of course) unsolved cases of 2018, surpassing even the chilling Twittertale of “?” (we’ll have more on that one soon) as one of the hottest trending topics among true crime, paranormal and viral legend communities.

In case you’re new to the tale of “The Westfield Watcher,” this nightmarish scenario of an unidentified letter-writer claiming “right of possession” to a family’s newly-acquired home has dominated strange-news headlines around the world… and we’re covering the entire story in depth for Episode 2.

The rights to this bizarre and unexplained tale have reportedly been optioned by Netflix for a feature film adaptation. But in this case, the (alleged) truth is definitely stranger – and more horrifying – than any scary story you could dream up.

The full episode drops tomorrow, but to tide you over, take a look at our revamped opening sequence embedded at the top of the article!



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