Would You Watch a CRITTERS or GHOULIES Remake from HALLOWEEN Director David Gordon Green?

The success of Universal/Blumhouse’s Halloween, a sequel to John Carpenter’s original, has been unprecedented. At the time of posting, the film has already grossed over $200M—and it hasn’t even been released on Blu-ray/DVD. Not only does a sequel seem inevitable, the reignited slasher craze means Hollywood execs will be looking towards the past for the next dusty franchise to reinvigorate.

No doubt director David Gordon Green will be asked to helm the next Halloween flick, but in a recent Reddit Q&A, a fan asked which classic property he’d most like to reboot. His answer might surprise you:

“I’d like to make a little Critters/Ghoulies movie.”

It’s uncertain if the filmmaker meant he’d like to do one or the other or if he means to combine the franchises into a single opus ala Freddy vs Jason. Whatever he wants to do would be fine by us! While often criticized as “Gremlins wannabes”, both franchises are actually unique; the common thread, of course, is the preponderance of rabid homunculi!

Stroll down Memory Lane with the synopses and trailers for the first Critters and Ghoulies movies below. Enjoy the madness!

When strange fuzzy creatures from outer space arrive on a farm, the Brown family — Jay (Billy Green Bush), Helen (Dee Wallace-Stone), their daughter, April (Nadine Van Der Velde), and their son, Brad (Scott Grimes) — must fend off the malevolent little aliens. Two bounty hunters with superhuman abilities follow the aggressive beasts from beyond, but the warriors aren’t terribly effective, leaving the Brown family to battle the fur balls and rescue April from their clutches all by themselves.

As a child, Jonathan (Peter Liapis) was almost killed by his father, Malcolm (Michael Des Barres), during a satanic ritual. After being saved and raised by Wolfgang (Jack Nance), who has kept him unaware of his background, Jonathan inherits Malcolm’s house and moves in with girlfriend Rebecca (Lisa Pelikan). During a party, he jokingly performs a ceremony described in one of his father’s books on black magic, not realizing he has unleashed small, demonic creatures known as “Ghoulies.”

So, what say you, Dread Central readers? Would you be interested in seeing a Ghoulies or Critters remake helmed by David Gordon Green? Sound off in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Source: Reddit



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