Hex Studios Web Series NETFL!X AND KILL Getting A Second Season

netflix and killseries image 1 750x422 - Hex Studios Web Series NETFL!X AND KILL Getting A Second Season

Back in July, I attended a special screening of the entire first season of Netfl!x and Kill at London’s Horse Hospital arts venue. The series followed the home life of a serial killer and his all too eager victim, and needless to say, the screening room was filled with howls of laughter. After the credits for the final episode rolls, creator Kate Shenton was presented with the inevitable question of whether there would be a sequel, to which she seemed highly optimistic.

Shenton has now launched an Indiegogo campaign to find the second season of Netfl!x and Kill, which will once again follow a lone psychopath and his future victim, as they watch TV in their living room. The key difference will be that Adam Rhys-Davies, who originally played the killer, will now play the victim, whilst Nic Lamont, who was originally the victim, will now be the killer.

In the press release, Shenton was quoted as saying:

“What I love to do is build worlds. There always was the potential to create a lot with Netfl!x and Kill. The reaction to Season One was so encouraging that I didn’t want to wait before I continued to show more of this world.”

If you haven’t yet binge-watched the first season of Netfl!x and Kill, you can do so right now on the Hex Studios YouTube channel. And if you find that you can’t wait for season 2, before to drop the campaign some cash before it ends in a few days’ time.




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