First Trailer for Lovecraftian THE QUANTUM TERROR Hints at Nightmares to Come

Fans of metaphysical, Lovecraftian horror like 2016’s The Void will definitely want to check out the first trailer for The Quantum Terror, a fever-dream/nightmare written and directed by filmmaker/FX artist Christopher Cooksey. Starring Kristin Cochell, Paula Marcenaro Solinger, and Matt Blackwell, the horror/sci-fi monstrosity will be unleashed upon the masses sometime in 2019.

After learning that her twin sister Sylvia is missing, Samantha makes her way to the small college town where she was last seen. Once there, she meets up with a sociopathic grad student named Jacob, who claims he knows how to find her. According to him, the two of them were working together on a thesis based on old occult texts that seem to break down the boundaries between quantum physics and magic. However, the knowledge drove her sister to madness and caused her to go into hiding within nearby underground wash tunnels, a place she claimed to be the home to creatures from another dimension. Now, accompanied by Jacob, her ex-lover Lucy, and a young man named Noah, Sam will journey down into a subterranean realm of monsters and insanity.

Here’s the full scoop for this morning’s Press Release:

Inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll, H.P. Lovecraft, and David Lynch, in conjunction with a love of horror movies like Alien, The Thing, and Into The Mouth Of Madness, director Christopher Cooksey shot The Quantum Terror in Austin, TX for a mere $15,000 and is now wrapping up production after almost four years. Funded through Indiegogo, a private investor, and selling his car, the entire movie was filmed in and around his home. A small skeleton crew of artists, such as Heather Lowe and FaceOff‘s Jenna Green, created faux sets, miniatures, and creatures all built from mostly household materials and methods learned from friends in the industry like the folks at studioADI and The Stan Winston School of Character Arts. The production was also lucky enough to have additional practical tentacle effects provided by the Oscar-winning FX company Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. (Tremors, Alien3, Starship Troopers) and visual effects help from Make-Up Effects Group (The Matrix, Childhood’s End, The Wolverine).

You can see more of Cooksey’s work, HERE, and sign-up for the film’s newsletter, HERE. We’ll keep you posted on all The Quantum Terror-related news as details emerge. Stay tuned!

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