One Rejected Version of FREDDY VS JASON Put Jason on Trial—In Hell

Jason in Court 750x422 - One Rejected Version of FREDDY VS JASON Put Jason on Trial—In Hell

A privilege that Americans revere is that, if accused of a crime, we have the right to plead our innocence before a jury of our peers. Apparently, the same privilege is afforded to the poor souls damned to an eternity in Hell—at least if your last name is Voorhees. We recently wrote about a rejected screenplay for Freddy vs Jason that has the two slashers facing off in a boxing ring (with Ted Bundy officiating and Hitler in the front row)!

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The same source for that article revealed that another rejected screenplay for the epic battle royale had a legal subplot. It saw Jason standing trial for his crimes at Camp Crystal Lake after going to Hell in Friday the 13th Part IX. No word on who he’d face as the judge (Satan himself, perhaps?) or if the jury of his peers would be comprised of other infamous serial killers, but it’s Freddy Krueger who somehow intervenes on Jason’s behalf. How that led into a slasher showdown for the ages isn’t completely clear.

Of course, there’s one questions that really has me befuddled: How is a mute hulk like Jason supposed to defend himself? I guess his lawyer would have to strongly advise him not to take the stand!

Check out the video above from our friends at Looper for more about the ditched court-room scenario, along with other wild Friday the 13th projects that never came to fruition.  Enjoy!

Hopes are high that the 13th installment of the popular slasher franchise will make it to the big screen sooner rather than later. Until then, let’s take a look back at all the Jason Voorhees stories that never came to life. These are the Friday the 13th projects you’ll never get to see…

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