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It can be argued that Resident Evil 2 is the best game in the long-running Capcom franchise. Sure there are those who stand by the first game, which basically helped launch the “survival horror” genre, or the fourth game, which revitalized and re-energized the series, taking it in a new and bold direction. But something about the second game really did it for me. It terrified me more than its predecessor and certainly had a stronger impact than Resident Evil 4, at least in shaping my love of horror gaming and all that the genre had to offer.

All of this is simply to say that I am beyond excited for the upcoming HD remake of Resident Evil 2, which will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 25, 2019. And today, a new video has made its way online via PlayStation Underground, which takes players through approximately 15 minutes of gameplay with Claire Redfield, Sherry Birkin, and Chief Brian Irons. However, the real star of the video is infamous Licker, one of the franchise’s most iconic and recurring villains. In the above clip, you’ll see the Lickers movie around at blisteringly fast speeds and also see the catastrophic damage they can cause.

Additionally, there’s a bit that shows the mechanics that go into shooting zombies and how it will affect them, depending on where the bullet hits. For example, if you shoot a zombie in the knee, they will shamble differently than if you shoot them in the chest. It’s all a great peek into a game that will probably (hopefully) be just as great as the original Resident Evil HD remake was.


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