Plot Details Emerge for Currently-Shelved ALIEN: AWAKENING

Here are the facts: 2017’s Alien: Covenant did not meet the high expectations of fans, critics, and industry insiders. Even so, director and franchise founder Ridley Scott feverishly claimed that additional Alien feature films were in the works. Despite Scott’s enthusiasm, though, 20th Century Fox never officially greenlit the next proposed installment: Alien: Awakening.

Of course, everything was thrown into limbo when Disney began making moves to purchase 20th Century Fox, a deal that’s currently being finalized. Fans and insiders are uncertain if Scott’s Xenomorphs have a place in the family-friendly House of Mouse. Until certain issues are addressed, Alien: Awakening has been officially shelved.

In Empire Magazine’s recent Alien Anniversary issue, however, Alien: Covenant co-writer John Logan dished details on the vaulted screenplay for Alien: Awakening. From the sounds of it, though, I’m starting to think the story might be best left on the shelf! To recap:

Alien: Awakening was to feature more of the android David (played by Michael Fassbender) who, after causing a Space Jockey genocide, is being pursued by vengeful Engineers. The chase would lead to LV-426, the planet where Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo first encountered the face-huggers in a derelict spacecraft, meaning there may have finally been a direct connection to the original franchise.

More androids and albino humanoids as opposed to Neomorphs and Xenomorphs? No thank you!

While the possibilities of another Alien film materializing anytime soon seems unlikely, we’ve been following rumors that a TV series is in the works at an as-yet-unrevealed streaming service. Whatever the case, we’ll be keeping our ears to the ground in order to bring you all Alien-related details as news emerges. Stay tuned!

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