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Yultide Horrors Xmas Cards - “Holiday Cheer”? More Like “Holiday Fear” with Yuletide Horrors Christmas Cards!


“Holiday Cheer”? More Like “Holiday Fear” with Yuletide Horrors Christmas Cards!

For horror fans, October is like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve all wrapped into one; 31-days of celebrating in advance of the unholiest of holidays: Halloween! And while there’s always some post-Samhain gloom to bare, there’s no reason horror fans can’t continue celebrating the actual holidays—with a terrifying twist! For example, you can snag yourself a Terrifier ugly Christmas sweater!

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If the flurry of seasonal greeting cards makes you sick, we’ve got the perfect antidote: A series of “Yuletide Horrors: Dread Holiday Cards” from the folks at The Mysterious Package Company! According to their official website:

“Christmas cards are usually adorned with baubles, gifts, and the visage of dear smiling St. Nick. And yet, Yuletide is not without its horrors. For, among the carols and candy canes, the hot chocolate and holly, lie old traditions to ward off the darkness that haunts this most wonderful time of the year. The Dread Holiday Christmas Cards pay tribute to four ghastly Yuletide creatures, featuring beautiful illustrations and brief histories of the myths. There is also good advice in there about how to avoid becoming a victim of these monstrosities.”

Feast your eyes on the terrifying Yuletide missives you can send your horrified friends and family this holiday season! In addition to Krampus, the set features several more obscure beasties, such as Iceland’s Yule Cat and Père Fouettard, the “Whipping Father”. $24.99 gets you 20 cards with accompanying black envelopes, plus blood-red stickers to seal in the dread! Order yours today, HERE.

About The Mysterious Package Company:
The Mysterious Package Company’s primary mission is sending ominous wooden crates by mail to unsuspecting gift recipients, typically containing various forged documents, diaries, and the odd Lovecraftian statuette or preserved zombie claw. But around the Christmas season, they like to lighten– or darken– things up with a series of events for the “Dread Holidays,” which this year includes Yuletide Horrors: a set of custom Christmas cards commemorating the more frightful monsters of holiday history and folklore.

Are you looking to add a little more horror to your holiday season? What do you think of The Mysterious Package Company’s Yuletide Horrors Christmas cards? Sound off in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!


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